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Fragrance Gems™

Fragrance Gems™ are also known as Fragrance Beads. They are a long-lasting method for scenting your home, car, office.

Our Fragrance Gems™ are saturated with the highest quality fragrance and natural essential oils, then dried.  They are available in these fragrances: Blackberry Sage, Exotic Spice, Lavender Rose, Navel Orange, Ocean View™, Ruby Grapefruit, Vanilla Bean and Winter Woods

These richly-scented Fragrance Gems™  are so concentrated with fragrance, that as a sachet, they can scent a drawer for years!   In fact, Fragrance Gems™ are at least three times longer-lasting than potpourri!

Aroma Gems™

Our Aroma Gems™ contain natural essential oils to enhance the following moods:

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