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The Aroma Terra line is enormous! Therefore, we encourage you to peruse the overview below for easy searching. Qualified Wholesale Clients have access to a complete searchable list of products via our online catalogue.

Product Overview

Fragrance Beads & Aroma Beads

Our richly scented Fragrance Beads are so concentrated with fragrance, that as a sachet, they can scent a drawer for years! In fact, they are at least three times longer-lasting than potpourri!

Our Aroma Beads are saturated with natural Essential Oils for Aromatherapy uses - the aroma can last for years.

Essential Oils & Carrier Oils

We sell all natural Essential Oils (no synthetics), which must be blended with vegetable carrier oil before use on the skin.

We import many on our list of 200 essential oils.

Aromatherapy Supplies

Apart from pure Essential Oils, we have created an entire line of products in the most desirable "moods" that we all wish to attain.

We also carry a range of educational products and tools for practicing Aromatherapy.

Soap and Soapcrafting

We offer the very finest Melt & Pour Soap you will ever use! Make your own soap bars, with your choice of colors and scents.

We also supply ready-made, scented, colored Glycerin soap bars.

Adult Products

Our Love Oils are flavored, scented, and gently warming to the touch. There are other Love Oils on the market, however, none that taste as good as ours!

Professional Massage Line

Massage Lotions and Oil, used by thousands of professional massage therapists and massage schools. The pros love it!

Made with pure, natural vegetable oils for the perfect balance between glide and absorption.

Fragrance Oils

Not only is our selection of 400 Fragrance Oils enormous, but our fragrances are the truest and closest to the "real thing" in nature that you will ever experience.

We have a loyal 30-year following who will vouch for this!

Body & Bath, Spa Collection

One of our fastest growing sellers! These Body & Bath products are so superior that top day-spas are selling them very quickly.

Customers love the combination of essential oils and herbs with a touch of fragrance added

Packaging Materials

We carry a huge range of bottles, caps and other packaging material for use with Private Label products and the ever popular Fragrance Blending Bar.

We carry glass bottles (many shapes, sizes and colors), plastic bottles, caps, dispensers and much more.

Bulk Lotions

We sell many lotions, including Vitamin ADE Lotion (Consumers' favorite for 30 years), Aloe Vera (for all skin types), Hand & Body Lotion, Stardust Lotion, After Shave Balm and of course Massage Lotions

Our lotions are available in quantity, pre-scented or unscented.  Add any of or 400 fragrances to create your own!

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