Your Own Private Label Products!

Just like the large club stores, supermarkets, and mass marketers... you can have your own line! When you put your own name on a bottle of product you get the customer calls for re-orders instead of someone else! Why not begin to get your own name out there right now!

Aroma Terra is not in the label making business, but you can have your own professional labels printed or make them yourself. We do offer Ingredient labels for the back of your bottles

To see just how profitable this can be for your business, have a look at the formula on our Bulk Supplies page. On that page, we show you how the actual Cost of Goods relates to Suggested Retail. Look at the enormous markup potential!

Not just for resale!

Private label products can also be supplied to clubs, hotels or anyone who wants to provide quality body & bath products, fragrances, soaps, essential oils and lotions to others with their own logo on the bottles.

A great idea for corporate promotions! Instead of pens, notepads and mousepads, give your customers and staff something excitingly different!

Bulk does not  mean too big.

When you "buy in bulk" it simply means that you will "pump" Body & Bath products from a gallon into a consumer size bottle. You can then sell those bottles at retail with your name. If you need it, we can supply some product in 50 gallon drums!

Fragrances "in bulk" can mean you buy as small as 4 fluid ounces or larger than a 5 gallon pail! Start small ... then grow fast to purchase larger! You will simply pour from a larger bottle into small glass bottles to re-sell at a very sizable mark-up. See the Bulk Supplies page for some price examples.

Profit-Ability does  mean big

You now have the ability to enjoy big profit margins! Just purchase in bulk to re-package into smaller sizes, add your own private label and get it all right here, now! Combine Private Label with a Custom Blending Bar for even more impact. See One Stop Shop for an overview of the product line.

The "big boys" are getting rich this way... Now you can too!

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