Melt & Pour Soaps

We offer the very finest Melt and Pour Soap you will ever use!  Both our crystal clear and opaque soaps melt easily and set up quickly.  Most importantly, they are the very best soap for use on all skin types.

Our Crystal Clear is so clear you can read a book through it!  This is clearly the Rolls Royce of Melt and Pour soaps, but with a Chevy or Ford Price.

Our chemist actually formulated the original Nuetrogena Glycerin Soap years ago, before he worked for us. Since then, this gentleman has perfected Glycerin Soap to an Artform.  He knows soap like none other, which means we can now offer you the very finest.  You will know it after you try it just once, in the heating process, the molding process and the bathing experience!

How can we offer the best at such a reasonable price?  Because we supply so many of you, our loyal soap crafters.  We pass our volume discounts onto our customers, both large and small.  You can offer the same fine, elegant soap that all of the pricey department stores private label from us, but at an extraordinarily low cost!

Apart from Melt and Pour soap, we also sell Coconut, Palm, Castor and Olive Oil and many other carrier oils.  Of course we have a huge range of fragrances you can add to your soaps. You can also add our jojoba beads, loofa bits and sea salts to your soaps.

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