Fragrance Oils

Inspired by the scents in nature, our 400 Fragrance Oils are used like perfume to:

Unlike Essential Oils, Fragrance oils are made of part synthetic and part natural components. They are quite safe to be used by nearly every adult, directly on the skin.

Not only is our selection of 400 Fragrance Oils enormous, but our fragrances are the truest and closest to the "real thing" in nature that you will ever experience.

We have a loyal 30-year following who will vouch for that!

Types of Fragrance Oils available

Single Notes:
A single element in nature, like a flower (rose) or a fruit (apple) or a vegetable (cucumber) or a spice (vanilla).
Special Blends:
A carefully blended array of several single notes, which renders a totally unique fragrance, such as: Egyptian Musk, Sea Mist, Cucumber-Melon, and more.
Designer Reproductions:
These are fine quality duplications of the designer perfumes found in department stores, except they are less costly. We have designers such as: Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth Arden. These are great copies, not the actual designer product.

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