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As in all companies, there will be Questions which are Common to the business. We have listed here some of the most Frequently Asked Questions... for instant answers.

What is a Fragrance Oil?
Fragrance Oils are worn as Perfume on the body, added to Bath & Body Products in order to scent them and can be also be used to Scent the Home with the use of Aroma Burners and Lamp Rings.
What is an Essential Oil?
These are extracted directly from Botanical / Plant Materials, such as: leaves, fruit, woods, fruit and flowers. Because of their natural "mood-enhancing", beautifying and therapeutic effects, Essential Oils are used in the Practice of Aromatherapy.
What is the difference between Fragrance Oil and Essential Oil?
Generally speaking, Fragrances are "Compounded" ... or a blend, of both synthetic and natural ingredients. Essential Oils are natural and 100% of the Plant Material from which they are extracted. Finding high quality, natural Essential Oils in the market is another Frequently Asked Question...Aroma Terra offers the best!
What is Aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is the practice of using natural Essential Oils to enhance one's life, by beautifying the skin, calming the nerves and uplifting the mood, as well as affording natural relief to various conditions. Essential Oils have been used by virtually every culture, since before recorded history, to heal various afflictions. Their oils were those culture's only "medicine" and they were used as such. Today, millions throughout the world, still choose to use natural oils, for their subtle application which have profound effects
Can Fragrances be used in Aromatherapy?
Since Fragrance Oils often have some synthetic ingredients, they are not generally used for Quality "mood enhancing" effects of true Aromatherapy.

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