Fragrance Blending Bar

Blending customized fragrances and Body & Bath products will set you apart from the competition.

The "big mall chains" have no Blending Bar... This concept belongs to us and you! With our extraordinary fragrances and superb Body & Bath bases, you can blend them together to customize your client's products.

Aroma Terra offers all Tester Bars, Racks, Counter Displays, Signs, and of course, the product and bottles. You just supply the floor fixture, counter, bar or table. You may operate small at a Fair, Festival or Craft Show, a Gift Shop, or in a full-size Bath-Body-Fragrance-Aroma Store.

We can supply you with consumer sized bottles to which you can add your own private label. We are not in the label printing business, but you can make your own or have them printed elsewhere.

Starter Packs

Have a look at our 4 suggested Starter Packs. You may substitute to your own needs. Aroma Terra products are distributed in bulk so that you may repackage them into smaller, consumer-size bottles that bear your own name.

Our line of unscented Body & Bath products was formulated to be scented by you (at the point of sale or fulfillment) with any of our nearly 400 fine fragrance oils. We offer an assortment of bottles, printed and unprinted, with no name on them for your own private label.

Simple 3 step process.

Once you have bought a starter pack, custom fragrancing is a simple three step process, as shown below.

Step 1 - Select a product

We offer you the most conscientiously formulated products on the market. They are of the highest quality, pH balanced and readily biodegradable. The products are available in various quantities from 2 oz to 1 gallon, including Lotions, Oils, Soaps, Bath & Shower Gels, Massage, Shave and Hair care products.

Step 2 - Select a Fragrance

Any of our fine fragrances can be blended into our unscented body & bath products. We can also blend fragrance oils together to create your own unique fragrance. The fragrances are categorised into Musks, Woods, Florals, Fruits, Designer Reproductions and Exotic blends.

Step 3 - Custom blend them together

Blend any of our products with any of our fragrances and in any size. Your customers can choose their favorite scent or create a whole wardrobe of mix & match bath and body products to suit their daily moods.

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