Aromatherapist, Perfumer, Aromatherapy Consultant

Sharon Muir has been called the "mother-of-invention" of the trend toward consciously-formulated Body & Bath products, the popularity of uniquely scented products, cruelty free cosmetics and recyclable packaging.

In 1992, Sharon engaged in an intense, yearlong study course and became a Certified Aromatherapist through Edgar Cayce's Foundation, the ARE Clinic.

During her nearly 30 years developing this now "in vogue" industry, she has delved into studying the history and profound efficacy in using of Essential Oils... The Art and Science of Aromatherapy.


Sacred Essential Oils

Sharon formulated a set of Sacred Essential Oil blends to correspond to each of the seven Chakras now known as Caroline Myss' Sacred Oil Chakra Blends™.

Sharon works with many holistic practitioners; nurse practitioners treating Alzheimer's patients, nurses who operate pain clinics and now some hospital workers:

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